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DO OILS LLC aka BG Oils Bulgaria

United States

700 Milam street, suite 1300 PMB 154, Houston TX 77002
Organic Lavender oil , Organic Rose oil , Organic Rose hydrosol , Conventional Lavender oil, Conventional Rose oil

About DO Oils: Nurturing Nature, Crafting Excellence

Roots in Southern Bulgaria

Born from six decades of farming expertise, DO Oils thrives in the fertile landscapes of Southern Bulgaria. Our three farms cultivate over 1400 hectares of arable land, fostering a legacy of quality and sustainability.

Cutting-Edge Distilleries

 Equipped with state-of-the-art distilleries, we extract essential oils and hydrosols with precision, ensuring the highest quality and purity in every drop.

Streamlined Services

BG Oils serves as your singular point of contact for farming, production, and shipment needs, providing a hassle-free experience focused on your convenience.

Full Traceability

 Our commitment to transparency means you can trace our products from soil to sample, guaranteeing authenticity and origin.

Closed Production Cycle

 Experience consistency year after year as we deliver oils directly from the source, maintaining an unwavering commitment to excellence and sustainability.

Discover the essence of DO Oils- where nature, tradition, and innovation converge to bring you unparalleled quality in essential oils.

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Lavender Oil
DO OILS LLC aka BG Oils Bulgaria
United States
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Rose Hydrosol
DO OILS LLC aka BG Oils Bulgaria
United States
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