Organic Ashwagandha Extract Capsules

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Organic Ashwagandha Extract Capsules


MB Supplements

Product  Name

Organic Ashwagandha Extract Capsules 



Country of Origin

United States


Aroma Profile

Earthy aroma with a bitter taste

Batch Information

Extraction Method

Capsule filling

Botanical Name

Withania somnifera

Chemical Constituents

Contains Withanolides and Alkaloids

Color and Appearance

Transparent capsules containing brown powder

Plant Part Used





GC-MS Analysis

Container type

Sealed Container

Storage Recommendations

Store in a cool and dry place. Avoid exposure to light.


1. Sourcing and Verification: Sourced from high-quality and organic Ashwagandha roots, which are grown from certified organic farms. The raw material is checked for the correctness and quality of the Organic status to meet stringent organic farming quality standards.

2. Extraction: The roots of organically grown Ashwagandha are cleaned, dried, and then extracted by using water or ethanol as a solvent for withanolides. This is commonly through the use of a solvent, which is either water or ethanol, used in the extraction of withanolides to ensure the extract is rich and free of residues.

3. Encapsulation: The standardized extract of Ashwagandha is combined with the necessary excipients and then encapsulated either in vegetarian or gelatin capsules. 

4. Quality control: The content is filled into the capsules, and then they are put through intense quality control testing. The tests range from purity, potency, and contaminants. This is done to ensure the capsules meet product specifications and hence are safe for consumption.

5. Packaging: Finally, the capsules are airtight, and they are in light-resistant containers to sustain the quality and shelf life. Packaging is done in a way to substantiates the organic nature of the product and is often carried out so that it has recyclable or biodegradable options.


By acting as an adaptogen, ashwagandha may help the body withstand stress. It supports imbalances resulting from poor nutrition, sleep deprivation, physical or mental stress, or exposure to chemicals in the environment that may cause health problems. It has been used for centuries to support normal energy and potency levels. - Encourages vigor and power. 

Geographical Specifications

In sandy loam or light red soil, ashwagandha gives the best-growing conditions, but, generally, ashwagandha grows well in well-drained soil. Withania somnifera is characterized by the ability of the plant to withstand extreme heat, and the temperatures can go up to 40 degrees centigrade. However, moderate water needs to be applied to this plant at the time of sowing or else when planted. This makes the plant well-adapted and hardy, able to withstand the climatic conditions ranging from dry to subtropical. It is spread now in many countries of the world, situated in regions other than its native India.

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