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Tata Steel


Homi Mody Street, Fort, Mumbai
Private Company
Tata Steelium & Tata Steelium Neo (CR), Galvano (Coated), Tata Astrum (HR), Tata Structura (tubes), Tata Astrum (for fabrication)

Making a difference through Innovative Approach

Tata Steel, founded in India in 1907 as Asia's first integrated private steel company, is now one of the world's most geographically diverse and fully integrated steel producers.We are dedicated to delivering unparalleled quality through customised, value-added solutions, making people's lives easier. We deliver premium products and services across segments, from automotive products to industrial items, branded solutions, and retail offerings.

Our Global Presence

Operating in India, the USA, Europe, and Africa, Tata Steel stands as a symbol of quality and dependability.With an extensive team of almost 40,000 professionals from diverse backgrounds, we are devoted to shaping the trajectory of the steel industry's future.

Excellence Fueled by Innovative Solutions

From pioneering innovative thinking to redefining performance parameters, Tata Steel is at the forefront of maintaining excellence in its operations.Our manufacturing strategy focuses on raw material security, enabling us to be the lowest-cost steel producer in Asia.

Dedicated to Environmental Preservation

Beyond business success, Tata Steel is committed to environmental protection, sustainability, doing business responsibly, and supporting the communities we're a part of. Our proactive initiatives include biodiversity conservation, a no-net deforestation commitment, and a focus on a circular economy for a greener future.

Innovation and Research

Our Research and Development (R&D) team is dedicated to developing leading-edge solutions in technology, processes, and products. By collaborating with global institutions, we ensure continuous innovation and value creation.

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