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Tata Power Solar


Mumbai, Maharashtra.
public company
Solar water pumps, Solar rooftops

Founded by Jamsetji Tata in the latter half of the 19th century, we, the Tata Group, proudly stand as one of the largest and most esteemed business organizations globally. Our unwavering commitment is directed towards delivering world-class and innovative services and products across a diverse spectrum of businesses. We aspire to empower a billion lives through sustainable, affordable, and innovative energy solutions.


At the heart of all our endeavors is the customer. We operate our assets and execute projects at benchmark levels through technology and innovations. Our focus is on achieving sustainable growth, profitability, and market leadership. We are dedicated to creating an empowered workforce, driven by passion and purpose. Our leadership is characterized by care for all stakeholders. We place the customer at the core of all our endeavors, ensuring the delivery of world-class and innovative services and products across diverse business sectors.

Technological Innovation and Benchmark Performance

Embracing technology and innovation, we strive to operate assets and execute projects at benchmark levels, thereby maintaining a focus on sustainable growth, profitability, and market leadership.

Empowered Workforce and Leadership with Care

We cultivate an empowered workforce driven by passion and purpose, embodying leadership with care for all stakeholders. Our commitment extends to fostering a culture of safety through active leadership and providing comprehensive training at all levels to fulfill health, safety, and environmental obligations.

Environmental Stewardship

In line with our belief that the health and safety of stakeholders and environmental protection are paramount, we are dedicated to conserving natural resources, promoting solar energy, and integrating health, safety, and environmental criteria into our business decisions. Through continuous improvement and periodic reviews, we actively communicate and uphold our commitment to these principles in a dynamic business environment.

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  • Climate change risk and oppurtunity
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