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Navin Fluorine


Office No. 602, 6th floor, Natraj by, Rustomjee, Near Western Express, Highway, 194, Sir Mathuradas, Vasanji Road, Andheri,(East), Mumbai 400069
Public Company
Boron Trifluoride,Hexafluoro Phosphoric Acid, Fluoro Boric Acid,Potassium Fluoro Titanate, Potassium Fluoro Borate, Anhydrous Hydrofluoric Acid,Dilute Hydrofluoric Acid,Aluminium Trifluoride, Mafron Gas

At NFIL, we bring abundant knowledge of fluorine chemistry, demonstrating our commitment to safe practices and ethical business. Our journey began with a pioneering role in introducing refrigerants to India in 1967, and over the past four decades, we have emerged as leaders in fluorine chemistry and refrigerant science. NFIL's expertise extends beyond refrigerants to inorganic fluorides, where we hold a significant market share. With a diverse product portfolio, including ammonium bifluoride, potassium fluoride, and hexafluorophosphoric acid, we serve industries such as oil and gas, stainless steel, pharmaceuticals, and solar energy.

Our Vision

We are committed to being a world-class, customer-focused, innovative organisation in the field of fine and specialty chemicals and the partner of choice for global refrigerant, chemical, crop sciences, and life sciences companies.

Our Mission

To provide customers with the best “value for money” by producing world-class specialty fluorochemicals at the most competitive prices.

To continue and grow research and development as the key element for organisational survival.

To innovate, build, and operate chemical plants in the most safe and environmentally friendly manner.

To continuously enhance stakeholder value through optimum utilisation of resources.

Legacy of Excellence

With a legacy built on ethical business practices, NFIL has been among the pioneers in the Indian refrigerant industry. Our manufacturing plant in Surat, Gujarat, is backward integrated, producing key intermediary components like sulfuric and hydrofluoric acid, essential for our renowned Mafron brand of refrigerants.

Enhancing Infrastructure

Our infrastructure supports seamless R&D operations, technology transfer, and the manufacturing of new-generation fluorochemicals.

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