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Brenntag SE


Messeallee 11. 45131 Essen. Germany.
Non-govt company
Ingredients in Chemicals

Dedicated to foster a Sustainable Future

Brenntag has successfully expanded to become the global market leader in the distribution of specialty and industrial chemicals,pharmaceuticals, food and beverages,and  personal care products. Our focus is on creating sustainable solutions for products that are used in day-to-day life and have a significant overall impact on the environment.


We foresee a future shaped by empowerment, collaboration, excellence, and shared success. Our purpose is to interlink products, knowledge, and innovation and nurture a sustainable future.

Our Approach

 We embrace a multi-dimensional approach to fuel our innovation capabilities. Digital tools and Brenntag data excellence provide multiple and new aspects that help enhance our growth and efficiency, pushing us towards the forefront of our industry. Brenntag aims to achieve eco-friendly value creation, so it considers the effects of its business activities on the environment and factors in social issues when making strategic decisions.

Our Identity Bold and Reliable

Brenntag provides specific application technology, extensive technical support, and value-added services, including well-timed delivery, product mixing, repackaging, and inventory management. As the market leader with the most extensive global distribution network, our brand acts as a reliable, full-service solution provider in the chemicals and ingredients industry using a customer-centric approach.

Innovative and Dynamic
Our company’s expertise, innovative capabilities, and supply reliability for chemicals and ingredients create value in numerous ways. Building Networks- Beyond distribution, we make a meaningful impact by building networks and serving key markets in our journey towards a sustainable world. Brenntag is divided into two divisions, Brenntag Essentials and Brenntag Specialties, which have unique capabilities and a solid foundation to adapt to the demand and supply of complex ecosystems.

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