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Archean Chemicals


Sudha Centre, New No. 31, Old No. 19 Dr. Radhakrishnan Salai, Mylapore Chennai
Private Company
Bromine,Sulphate of Potash, Industrial Salt

Archean Chemical Industries Limited stands at the forefront of specialty chemical manufacturing, making a significant impact in global markets. With a pioneering and collaborative approach, we have set ourselves apart as the first-of-its-kind plant in India, producing industrial salt, bromine, and sulphate of potash.

Premium-quality products

Since our establishment, our unwavering commitment to deliver prime-quality products has been the cornerstone of our mission. We continually strive to exceed expectations and maintain the highest standards in everything we do.

Sustainability: Every Step of the Way

We take pride in being a 'Green Organization' at every stage of our operations. Our processes, which transform brine from the Arabian Sea into our core products, are designed to minimise environmental impact. Identifying and eliminating sources of environmental harm is essential for attaining our goal of becoming as environmentally friendly as possible.

Global Presence

By harnessing the vast resources of sea water, we derive valuable raw materials that serve diverse industries worldwide. With a decade of experience serving clients across the globe, we have become a brand known for its reliability, quality, and innovation.

Our Diverse Product Portfolio

  • Bromine is a reactive halogen with versatile applications, from fire retardants to disinfectants.
  • Sulphate of potash is an inorganic compound crucial to fertilisers and various industrial processes.
  • Industrial salt is a foundational chemical widely used in industries ranging from glass manufacturing to case-hardened steel.

Industry leadership through quality and innovation

Being India's largest producer and exporter of bromine and industrial salt, our product portfolio also includes potassium sulphate. By upholding stringent quality standards and leveraging cutting-edge technologies, we consistently provide exceptional value to industries worldwide.

Impacting the World for the Better

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