​Citronella Essential Oil

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Exim Enterprise
About Us Founded in 2015 as a Partnership firm based in Surat, Gujarat, India, Exim...
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About the Manufacturer 

Exim Enterprise, founded in 2015 as a Partnership firm in Surat (Gujarat, India), is a leading Wholesaler, Exporter, and Retailer of a diverse range of Essential Oil, Organic Oil, Aloe Vera Gel, Cold Pressed Coconut Oil, Rose Water, Avocado Oil, and other products. We obtain these products from the most reliable and well-known vendors after conducting extensive market research. Furthermore, we offer these products at reasonable prices and deliver them on time.

Citronella Essential Oil


Exim Enterprise

Product Name

Citronella Essential Oil



Country of Origin




Aroma Profile

Citrus grassy

Batch Information


Extraction Method

Steam Distilled

Botanical Name

Cymbopogon winterianus

Chemical Composition

Citronellal, geraniol, citronellol

Color and Appearance

Pele yellow

Plant part used



100 % Pure




GC-MS Analysis

Container type

Storage Recommendations

About the Product


  • Begin by cultivating healthy citronella grass, ensuring it's free from pesticides. 
  • Harvest mature citronella grass stems, as they contain the highest concentration of essential oil.
  • Employ the steam distillation method for oil extraction.
  • Introduce steam to the harvested citronella grass, releasing the essential oil.
  • Allow the oil-water mixture to naturally separate based on density.
  • Filter the extracted oil to remove any impurities or residual plant material.
  • Transfer the purified citronella essential oil into Export packaging. 
  • Store the container oil in a cool, dry place to preserve its freshness and effectiveness.

Aromatherapy Delight

Used in aromatherapy applications, Citronella Essential Oil slows or prevents the growth or spread of harmful airborne bacteria, repels flying insects, uplifts negative moods, and relaxes the body and mind. It is reputed to reduce muscle spasms, ease headaches, and boost energy.

Skin and Hair Care

Citronella oil serves as a natural astringent, helping to cleanse and tone the skin, while its antifungal properties may combat skin issues. Its antimicrobial qualities can contribute to a healthier scalp, potentially addressing issues like dandruff.

Botanical Excellence

Citronella oil is an essential oil with a grassy-lemon aroma derived from the leaves of citronella grass (Cymbopogon sp). Citronella grass is native to Southeast Asia and is widely cultivated in countries such as Indonesia, Sri Lanka, and India.

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