Green Tea Extract 50% Polyphenols

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Green Tea Extract 50% Polyphenols


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Product  Name

Green Tea Extract - 50% Polyphenols 



Country of Origin



5 Kg To 1 Ton

Aroma Profile

Floral, fruity, and nutty aroma

Batch Information

Extraction Method

Solvent Extraction

Botanical Name

Camellia sinensis O. Ktze

Chemical Constituents

Contains Polyphenols, Amino Acids, Flavinoids, etc.

Color and Appearance

Light yellow-brownish powder

Plant Part Used




Available as per request


Available as per request

GC-MS Analysis

Available as per request

Container type

Airtight sealed Container

Storage Recommendations

Store in a cool and dry place.


  • Here is our top-grade green tea extract, prepared to make your formulations of high quality. It comes to give an extract of a 50% concentration of polyphenol derived from a balance in the production process between tradition and innovation.
  • We start with picking the best green tea leaves, sourced from gardens that are lush and have a reputation for quality. These form the building base of our extract, promising an edge in the richness of polyphenols. 
  • With the use of water or a delicate water-ethanol mixture, this step is carefully carried out at controlled temperatures to ensure the capturing of the full spectrum of polyphenols.
  • From here, the commitment to the best that would take place in the phase of concentration is clear. Here, the solvent is evaporated laboriously with lower pressure until the polyphenol achieves the target of 50%. 
  • The extract undergoes serial purification in such a way that each of the steps is intended to be a means of polishing and improving the purity of the polyphenols. Each of those stages is supposed to modernize: it comes with column chromatography and membrane filtration, reflecting the quality.
  • This green tea extract has 50% polyphenol at a level of concentration, and it makes our display that we are focusing on excellence that has no end. 


  • Green tea extract is revered for its potential to contribute to the nutritional profile of foods and also add a health-centric appeal to the products in which it is used.
  • Other than conventional tea products, green tea extracts have also been used to fortify juices, smoothies, and functional beverages as modifiers for flavoring with a characteristic mellow taste, and low to zero calorific value.
  • Can be taken as a dietary supplement with green tea extract catechin important choice for catechin content and believed to contribute toward metabolism.

Geographical Specifications

  • All the areas that have natural canopies or those that can prepare artificial shading mechanisms will, in turn, protect the crop from scorching or hailing showers, which are very harmful to the quality and quantity of the tea produced.
  • Camellia sinensis always requires a constant and adequately supplied water supply during the dry season. Areas or places with little or no rainfall in some seasons of the year make it a must to have irrigation systems since tea plants are always in need of water.
  • Leaves of Camellia sinensis hold rich polyphenols, particularly catechins, which have great antioxidant properties. These have great benefits to health within the body as they reduce the chances of getting chronic diseases, hence promoting good living standards. 
  • The tea plant is highly adapted for a very great diversity of propagation, at the very least to two examples, seed and vegetative propagation. This allows the growth of specific varieties with some of the desired traits, like increased resistance to pests and diseases or a specific flavor profile, thus enhancing the biological excellence and commercial value of the plant.

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