Garcinia Extract 50%

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Garcinia Extract 50%


Indo Herbal Extractions

Product  Name

Garcinia Extract 50%



Country of Origin


Aroma Profile

Distinctive profile with a sour taste

Extraction Method

Solvent extraction

Botanical Name

Garcinia Cambogia

Chemical Constituents

Contains Hydroxycitric Acid, Citric acid, Polyphenols, Xanthones, Flavonoids, etc.

Color and Appearance

Off white powder

Plant part used





GC-MS Analysis

Container type

Sealed Container

Storage Recommendations

Store in a sealed container in a cool, dry place.


  • Garcinia extract is typically derived from the rind of harvested Garcinia cambogia fruit. Mature fruits are harvested from the Garcinia cambogia trees when they are fully ripe.
  • The harvested fruits are washed thoroughly to remove dirt and debris. They are sorted to ensure that only high-quality, ripe ones are used in the extraction process.
  • After cleaning, the fruits are typically sun-dried or dried using specialized equipment. This step reduces moisture content and enhances the concentration of the active compounds.
  • The dried Garcinia cambogia rind is subjected to extraction methods, commonly using solvents like ethanol or water. This process helps isolate the bioactive compound.
  • The extracted solution is concentrated to increase the potency of the active components. Filtration processes are employed to remove impurities and unwanted substances, ensuring a pure and high-quality extract.
  • The final extract is often standardized to a specific percentage of active compounds, such as 50% in this case. 


  • This fruit's rind, which has a sour flavor, is used in both cooking and medicine.
  • Because of its flavor, it's a common addition to recipes like fish curries. It can also be used to boost the flavor of recipes by substituting it for lemon or tamarind.
  • Apart from its culinary applications, Garcinia cambogia rind is frequently taken as a dietary supplement to address various health issues.

Geographical Specifications

Although Garcinia cambogia is only found naturally in India, Nepal, and Sri Lanka, it has been introduced to other countries in Asia's subtropical regions, such as China, Malaysia, and the Philippines. These trees are mostly found in Southwest India's semi-evergreen to evergreen forests, which are primarily found in the Western Ghats. Although this tree can be found growing on plains and hilltops, it prefers dry soils in riverbanks and valleys that are periodically flooded or wet. It can withstand drought and shifting water tables.

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Garcinia Extract 60%
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