Green Coffee Extract 50% Chlorogenic acid, 65% Polyphenols

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Green Coffee Extract 50% Chlorogenic acid, 65% Polyphenols



Product  Name

Green Coffee Extract 50% Chlorogenic acid, 65% Polyphenols



Country of Origin



5 kg to 1 ton

Aroma Profile

Natural fruity and earthy aroma

Batch Information

Extraction Method

Solvent Extraction

Botanical Name

Coffee Arabica

Chemical Constituents

Phytosterols, antioxidants, vitamin E, and essential fatty acids

Color and Appearance

Brown to dark-brown fine powder

Plant Part Used




Available as per request


Available as per request

GC-MS Analysis

Available as per request

Container type

Sealed Container

Storage Recommendations

Store in a cool and dry place


  • The process commences with the careful selection and cleaning of high-quality raw green coffee beans, typically sourced from regions known for their high chlorogenic acid content. The cleaning process ensures removal of any impurities or foreign matter from the beans.
  • The cleaned green coffee beans undergo extraction to isolate the desired compounds. Common extraction methods include solvent extraction or water extraction. Solvent extraction involves using organic solvents like ethanol, while water extraction utilizes hot water to draw out the target compounds.
  • Following extraction, the resulting solution is concentrated to increase the potency of the extract. Concentration techniques such as evaporation or spray drying are often employed. Subsequently, the concentrated extract undergoes purification to remove impurities and unwanted compounds, ensuring a high level of purity
  • The concentrated and purified extract is standardized to achieve the desired levels of chlorogenic acid and polyphenols. This step involves adjusting the concentration of the active compounds to meet the specified 50% chlorogenic acid and 65% polyphenols content through precise formulation and testing.
  • The standardized extract undergoes comprehensive testing to ensure its quality, potency, and purity. This includes analysis for chlorogenic acid and polyphenol content, as well as tests for the absence of contaminants and adherence to regulatory standards.
  • Once the extract meets the specified standards, it is formulated into the final product, such as capsules, powders, or liquid extracts, ready for packaging and distribution. Throughout the entire process, stringent quality control measures are implemented to ensure the consistency and efficacy of the Green Coffee Extract.


In dietary supplements, green coffee extract containing 50% chlorogenic acid is frequently used to support weight management and enhance antioxidant activity. It is used as a natural flavoring and fortifying ingredient in the food and beverage industry. Because of its high polyphenol content (65%), it's also used in cosmetics to potentially improve skin health and fight signs of aging.

Geographical Specifications

High altitudes also appear to be the ideal growing conditions for coffee, though this is again a result of these conditions rather than a preference for high altitudes on the part of the coffee tree. The majority of coffee farms worldwide are located in the equatorial zone due to these relatively sophisticated growing requirements, however, a few rouge growers are currently trying to challenge this standard with farms operating outside of the well-known "bean belt." The global coffee network comprises over one hundred varieties of coffee beans. The majority of coffee consumed worldwide is produced by the two main species of the botanical genus Coffea, Coffea arabica and Coffea canephora, also referred to as robusta.

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