Green Coffee Bean Extract 50%

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Green Coffee Bean Extract 50%



Product  Name

Green Coffee Bean Extract 50>#/p###



Country of Origin



5 kg to 1 ton

Aroma Profile

Crisp, fruity, and earthy aroma

Batch Information

Extraction Method


Botanical Name

Coffee Arabica

Chemical Constituents

Phytosterols, antioxidants, vitamin E, and essential fatty acids

Color and Appearance

Yellow-brown powder

Plant Part Used

Green coffee beans



Available as per request


Available as per request

GC-MS Analysis

Available as per request

Container type

Sealed Container

Storage Recommendations

Store in a cool and dry place


  • High-quality green coffee beans are chosen, often of a specific variety like Arabica or Robusta, depending on the desired chlorogenic acid content.
  • The beans are carefully ground to increase surface area, facilitating efficient extraction.
  • A controlled solvent or water process then isolates the desired compounds, particularly chlorogenic acid.
  • The extract undergoes concentration to remove excess solvent or water, followed by drying to obtain a powdered Green Coffee Bean Extract.
  • The extract may undergo additional processing or analysis to ensure a consistent and potent 50% chlorogenic acid content.
  • The extract meeting specific quality standards is then packaged and distributed for various uses.


  • Could be utilized in herbal remedies for its potential to reduce inflammation and oxidative stress.
  • Possibly incorporated into facial masks and peels for its antioxidant benefits and skin-renewing properties.
  • Could be incorporated into baking mixes for cakes and muffins to add a hint of coffee undertone.
  • May find application in health-oriented food products such as protein powders and meal replacement shakes.

Geographical Specifications

Coffee is typically grown on slopes that range in elevation from 600 to 1,800 meters. Slopes are a good fit for coffee because they drain well and are naturally cooler. The best places for coffee plants to grow are on hill slopes because standing water is very detrimental to them. Coffee plants should not receive direct sunlight; instead, they should be planted under the shade of larger trees, like bananas. Leguminous plants are used in Brazil because they not only give shade but also enrich the soil with nitrogen.

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