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United Phosphorus Limited


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soil water technologies, herbicides, fungicides, seed treatment

As a foremost provider of sustainable agricultural solutions and services, we, at UPL, boast more than 14,000 product registrations and a formidable presence in nearly 140 countries. With access to 90% of the world's food basket and an annual revenue exceeding US$6 billion, we stand as a major player in the agriculture industry. Our commitment extends beyond profit as we lead the way in manufacturing and distributing natural solutions, contributing to a more sustainable agricultural landscape.

A Purpose-Led Journey

At UPL, we are a purpose-led company dedicated to transforming global food chains. Our mission is centered on empowering growers, promoting sustainable farming practices, and ensuring consumers have access to safe, healthy, and nutritious food. Despite our global expansion and growth over the past 50 years, originating from Mumbai, India, we remain rooted in family-owned sensibilities and farmer-centric values.

Holistic Approach to Sustainability

Sustainability, for us, is not just a buzzword; it's a holistic approach to doing good business. We strive to maintain a healthy environment for our people, the surrounding community, and the planet. From high-performance seeds to crop protection products, natural solutions, on-farm equipment, and post-harvest solutions, our offerings cover the entire agricultural value chain. We take pride in our role as a reliable partner to farming communities, addressing complex challenges and empowering them for a sustainable future.

Championing Environmental Responsibility

Recognizing the dynamic nature of the natural environment, we actively engage in strategies to ensure the resilience of our operations to current and upcoming environmental risks. Sustainability, for us, means reducing our environmental footprint and developing innovative product solutions that benefit society. Committed to the UN's Sustainable Development Goals, we participate in initiatives like WBCSD, Responsible Care, and Global Agribusiness Alliance (GAA), communicating our efforts and performance through a dedicated sustainability report.

Efficient Energy and Emission Management

UPL has adopted two key strategies for efficient energy and emission management. These include enhancing energy efficiency and decarbonizing operations. With a dedicated energy cell, we focus on implementing projects to reduce specific consumption of electrical, thermal, and water resources, aligning with our commitment to responsible and sustainable practices.

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