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Tata Chemicals Limited


Homi Mody Street, Fort, Mumbai
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Basic and industrial chemicals, nitrogenous and phosphatic fertilizers, industrial refinishing products, coatings and crop nutritions

Serving society through science

At Tata Chemicals, our journey is a testament to harnessing the power of science for a purpose that transcends mere business objectives. Operating across two crucial domains—basic chemistry products and specialty products—we deliver essential ingredients to some of the world's foremost brands in industries ranging from glass, detergents, pharma, biscuit manufacturing, and bakeries. With the largest saltworks in Asia, we proudly stand as the 3rd largest soda ash and 6th largest sodium bicarbonate manufacturer globally.


To be a leading sustainable chemistry solutions company serving customers based on innovative, science-led, differentiated products and solutions.


Safety, Passion, Integrity, Care, and Excellence


Our commitment to sustainability is ingrained in every facet of Tata Chemicals' operations. From corporate social responsibility initiatives to responsible manufacturing, we are dedicated to serve as a beacon of sustainable chemical solutions.

Safety and Environment

Our products play a crucial role in ensuring environmental compliance, addressing diverse needs such as neutralising gaseous emissions and treating industrial processes and drinking water. Notably, our branded sodium bicarbonate, Briskarb, stands out for its efficiency and cost-effectiveness in fuel gas treatment, aligning with environmental legislation.

Sodium bicarbonate's inert nature extends its applications to fire safety, with our grades contributing to the production and refilling of fire-extinguishing chemicals. Additionally, soda ash and sodium bicarbonate are vital in treating water, influencing solubility, pH, and water softening.

In the realm of emissions treatment, soda ash is widely used,especially in wastewater and potable water treatment, demonstrating its versatility in neutralisation and pH control. Furthermore, calcium chloride aids in treating waste streams and purifying incineration processes.

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