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RHI Magnesita GmbH


Kranichberggasse 6, A-1120 Vienna, Austria
Private Company
Raw Magnesite, Caustic Magnesia, Sintered Magnesia, Dolomite and Sintered Dolomite, Magnesia Products, Slag Conditioners, Magnesium Oxide

RHI Magnesita is the pinnacle of the refractory industry. With 47 primary production sites worldwide and a footprint in over 100 countries, we are identified as the global leader standing at the forefront, offering unparalleled products and services that redefine the standards of excellence. Our focus on digitalization, robotics, automation, sustainable solutions, and data-driven process control reflects our commitment to evolving with the changing landscape of heavy industries.


We aim to bring innovation to temperatures exceeding 1200°C. Leadership, to us, means leveraging our global presence, expertise, and resources to set the pace of innovation in the refractory industry. We don't just embrace our market leadership; we constantly strive to stay No. 1 by driving positive change in our industry and the industries that depend on us.

The Heart of Our Business: People and Solutions

Refractory products are the unsung heroes of high-temperature industrial processes worldwide. Without them, industries such as steel, cement, lime, non-ferrous metals, glass, energy, the environment, and chemicals wouldn't exist. RHI Magnesita takes pride in providing tailored solutions to meet extreme challenges, offering over 120,000 products ranging from bricks to flow control items.

Sustainability at Our Core

RHI Magnesita is committed to leading sustainability standards, supporting the UN Sustainable Development Goals, and actively addressing climate-related risks and opportunities. Our circular economy solutions contribute to CO2 emissions savings and waste disposal avoidance.

Building the Future: Diverse and Inclusive

We believe that a diverse workforce fuels innovation. Our initiatives, including a diversity strategy, a survey of the needs of female leaders, and global anti-discrimination training, reflect our commitment to building a diverse and inclusive workforce.

Driving Force of the Refractory Industry

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