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Organic Camellia Carrier Oil
Company Information
Hunan Yamei Camellia Oil Co. Ltd

Hunan Yamei Camellia Co.,Ltd ,a global premium nutritional oil supplier, founded in 2011,develop,manufacture, and market natural bio-active lipid ingredients that benefit health and promote well being in people’s lives, its corporate headquarters and production facilities are located in Youxian, Zhuzhou city ,Hunan Province of China, covered area of 26680 m2. , annual production capacity is 12,000 tons for camellia oil and 8,000 tons for flaxseed oil, and has been producing healthy oils since 2011. We had a humble beginning and have grown tremendously due to dedication to excellence and services.

Hunan Yamei Camellia Oil Co., Ltd is a respected company when it comes to products and sale. Self owned brand “Dakseed” products cover nutritional oils ( camellia oil, flaxseed/linseed oil ,rapeseed oil and walnut oil), camellia seed meal/camellia seed cake/camellia seed saponin, essential & cosmetic oil etc. In recent years Hunan Yamei Corporation has increased its share in the areas of cosmetic products We sell to top companies, local distributors, wholesalers, retailers and to final consumers in bulk. We are proud to say that we enjoy about 30% shares of the distribution within China market and we export high volumes of quality products throughout the year.

 We offer the best, tasty and top quality edible oils brands that is the main reason why our customers trust us. Our credentials speak for itself. Our value-led offerings make us the “preferred” supplier and vendor. We ensure that we meet and surpass the expectations of our customer and consumers both domestic and abroad.

We have been serving our dear customers and consumers over the years by providing unmatched customer service delivery. Effective service is at the heart of our business and we go the extra mile to provide an individualized service which has constantly resulted in repeat businesses. We are dedicated to quality as this is part of our company’s mission.

Our valued customers “believe” in us and in our ability to deliver unequaled products and services.

We have a mission and it is to be an edible oil leading manufacturer/exporter established to constantly and actively provide quality products to our customers and consumers, in a “timely manner”. We are focused on our strategic direction to remain relevant and lead in our industry.

Our company values are Quality, Trust, Service, Innovation, Reliability and Value for money spent.

We strongly believe in Corporate social responsibility and sustainability, we adhere to rules and regulations about product usage and safety.

Yamei has deep roots in Youxian (Hometown of Camellia oleifera in China), but connected to our Chinese ancestors by thousands of years in a perfect hillside that was chosen centuries ago for the Dakseed Camellia tree. Dakseed Extra Virgin Camellia Oil brings you, the purest of the pure, flawless. Once you’ve tasted Dakseed

Extra-Virgin Camellia Oil, you will have tasted terrier driven camellia oil for the first time in your life.

Join us in the wonderful experience of single cultivar nectar and the exquisite oil’s “The Naked Taste of Camellia oil”

190 Kg ($15.50 per Kg)
Organic Camellia Carrier Oil
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