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EuroFragrance S.L.U


Sant Cugat del Vallès, Barcelona, Spain
Non-govt company
Fragrances for perfumes and personal care produts

At Eurofragance, we offer the best bespoke service possible, enhance our customers’ brands, and build consumer loyalty. We are a B2B boutique perfumery house, fully determined to focus on producing exceptional perfumes, fine fragrances, and home and personal care products.

Sustainability: Leading Change Now, Not in the Future

We believe that there is no time to waste and the future is now, so Eurofragnance’s Sustainability Committee is constantly working towards finding safe and extensible ways for the company to minimise its ecological footprint while continuing to provide prime sensory experiences. Everything at Eurofragance is seen through the lens of sustainability, and so we are committed to circular sustainability practices, paying particular attention to our source of raw materials, production of fragrances, and cultivation of an eco-conscious workplace.

Crafting Exceptional Scents with the Finest Ingredients

To craft exquisite fragrances for brands, we diligently source ingredients that meet the highest quality standards. Our partners in their various expertise areas serve as curators of the raw materials we acquire, the procedures we implement, the quality we deliver, and the safety and security we assure our customers. Our focus is not only on quality control but also on regulatory procedures and being able to supply people with safe perfumes that match their expectations.

Working closely with the suppliers, our company ensures that the ingredients used are sustainably produced and our partners are properly remunerated for their labour. We strive to enforce upgrades and best practices at every level of the organisation, establishing a comprehensive Code of Ethics that define the behavioural standards guiding our professional responsibilities.

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