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ESL steel Ltd


Bokaro; Jharkhand
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TMT Bar, V-Wirro, Pig Iron, Billets

     Shaping Steel for a Future Self-Reliance

At ESL Steel Limited, we redefine the steel industry narrative, portraying an innovative force and a symbol of unparalleled excellence. With our continuous focus on the 5Ps—People, Planet, Prosperity, Peace, and Partnership—we offer a diverse portfolio of world-class products and services, including blast furnaces, oxygen plants, bar mills, ductile iron pipe plants, and many more. We aspire to be the global leader in high-grade, low-cost steel production, contributing to a sustainable future and shaping India's self-reliance journey.

Our Commitment to Excellence 

ESL Steel Limited excels at every stage of the manufacturing process, harnessing international expertise and solutions from renowned manufacturers. As we broaden our outlook and push boundaries, our commitment towards our stakeholders remains unchanged: to provide them continuous growth, profit, and satisfaction .

At ESL Steel Limited, our values of safety, trust, entrepreneurship, innovation, excellence, integrity, respect, and care form the foundation of our business. At ESL Steel Limited, our dedication is evident through:

Delivering products and services tailored to meet and exceed customer expectations.

Maintaining unwavering commitment to consistent quality standards.

Adhering to stringent requirements while perpetually enhancing our quality management system.

Cultivating success by actively engaging every member of the ESL family in our journey.

Empowering Communities

ESL Steel Limited places great importance on corporate social responsibility (CSR). Integrated with our objectives of operational excellence and sustainability, we are committed to contributing to the quality of life and social well-being of the communities where we operate and beyond.

Why Choose ESL Steel Limited?

ESL Steel Limited is your trusted progress partner, incorporating expertise, commitment, and collaborative values. We offer comprehensive solutions to meet your steel needs. We are dedicated to become a prominent producer of high-quality, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly steel, contributing to a sustainable tomorrow.

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